SWU Open House 2016



Preliminary study on tensile properties of electrospun silica fibers/polypropylene composites

Wanakamol, P. , Boonyaratgalin, W. , Supanam, N. Abstract   Composites based on silica and glass fibers conventionally contain fibers with dimension in the range of a few micrometers to millimeters. Electrospinning technique allows fabrication of fibers in the submicron length scale. With smaller dimension, these fibers when applied as reinforcement in composites may yield…

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Harnessing Yeast Peroxisomes for Biosynthesis of Fatty-Acid-Derived Biofuels and Chemicals with Relieved Side-Pathway Competition

Zhou, Y.J. , Buijs, N.A.e, Zhu, Z., Gómez, D.O., Boonsombuti, A., Siewers, V., Nielsen, J.   Abstract   Establishing efficient synthetic pathways for microbial production of biochemicals is often hampered by competing pathways and/or insufficient precursor supply. Compartmentalization in cellular organelles can isolate synthetic pathways from competing pathways, and provide a compact and suitable environment…

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